Jeremy Hardin | VFX Supervisor

Jeremy is an experienced, pragmatic VFX Supervisor who is prolific in all aspects of CGI.  His repertoire of specialist experience ensures your projects are handled in a clear, professional way. 


Elizabeth Boyle | Shoot Supervisor & Creative Director

Elizabeth is our Shoot Supervisor and Creative Director. She is an enthusiastic and passionately creative professional with a wealth of camera experience and creative direction skills to offer. From gaffing and practical lighting, to complete on-set shoot supervision, her keen eye for perfection is a driving-force that enables her to grade alongside the most prolific colourists in the world. The result is her work being published many times for the likes of Huel, Prime Impact and Omyoga.


James Furlong | Environment Supervisor

James is an accomplished Environment Supervisor with both film and television VFX Industry experience. He has worked on a fantastic range of projects from creating historically accurate matte paintings for BBC’s Call the Midwife and Atlantis, to creating photorealistic jungle environments for Avatar. His background in fine-art means he is also happy sketching out his ideas so he can quickly bring his ideas to life.