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Dark Cosmos Creative has evolved from the collaboration of a team of highly experienced VFX industry super-stars, who have joined forces to offer you the whole gamut of VFX services. 

We have experience in film, television, advertising and games, and are excited to see how we can help you. Whether its matte painted period pieces, futuristic landscapes, set extensions, or full frame hero digital doubles that the audience has yet to notice, we craft it all from concept to final comp, and our talent portfolios illustrate this.

If you want the talent, pipeline, and experience of a top VFX facility, with the budget and efficiency of a boutique outfit on the south coast, feel free to get in touch today.



Jeremy Hardin | VFX Supervisor

Jeremy is an experienced, pragmatic VFX Supervisor who is prolific in all aspects of CGI.  His repertoire of specialist experience ensures your projects are handled in a clear, professional way. 

Being a comfortable communicator, Jeremy is used to dealing with a variety of clients; whether its working with Fox or Warner Bros. or advising up-and-coming Indie Film makers on how to achieve their vision, he has the experience and congeniality to bring out the best in every project he drives.


Elizabeth Boyle | Shoot Supervisor & Creative Director

Elizabeth is a prolific Shoot Supervisor and Creative Director. She is an enthusiastic and passionately creative professional with a wealth of photography experience and creative direction skills to offer. From photogrammetry and technical photography to complete on-set shoot supervision, her keen eye for perfection is a driving-force that enables her to complement any print, film, or post production process.


James Furlong | Environment Supervisor

James is an accomplished Supervising Digital Matte Painter, 3D Environment and Concept Artist with both film and television VFX Industry experience. He has worked on a fantastic range of projects from creating historically accurate matte paintings for BBC’s Call the Midwife, to creating photorealistic jungle environments for Avatar.

A calm, organised, hard-working creator who can hone in on a clients needs quickly to produce exactly what is required. A great example of this was while working as Lead Concept & Matte Painter for DNeg TV, where he was tasked with generating a futuristic city scene for Netflix series Altered Carbon. This painting actually helped define the look for the show, clarifying the studios vision, and went on to be used on many of the promotional materials for the programme.


Chloe Furlong | Branding and Design

Chloe is a branding and design specialist, with a broad experience working within the world of Brand Packaging, Corporate Identity and User Experience design.

An expert in discovering and defining a brand’s vision and then ensuring that the management of a brands identity is consistent and meaningful. This can add value to any Dark Cosmos project.  You can be confident that, before, during, and after working with Dark Cosmos, your brand and content will be treated securely, professionally, and beautifully.



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